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A gas leak is always serious and can even be deadly. During gas line installation, an additive known as mercaptan is added so that gas leaks will be easier to smell. If you notice a gas leak, take the following actions immediately.

Turn off the Gas – Minimize leaking by turning your gas off at the main tap. This is normally located near your gas meter. Once you have done so, contact us right away for gas line repair in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Open Doors and Windows – Open doors and windows to let as much fresh air into your home as possible. While opening doors and windows, avoid taking deep breaths as much possible. Work quickly so that you can then evacuate to safety.

Vacate the Property – Get everyone in the family, including pets, out of the house. Even after opening your doors and windows, it is not safe to remain inside your home until after gas line maintenance has been performed. Leave immediately, and do not wait to gather your personal belongings.

Avoid Flames – Stay at least 20 to 30 feet away from your home if possible. While waiting for help to arrive, avoid open flames from matches and lighters. Even trace amounts of gas in the atmosphere could cause an explosion.

Wait for the All Clear -Do not return inside until you are given the all clear. If you still notice an odor, you may want to continue leaving your doors and windows open until after the smell has completely subsided.

Upon arrival, we will perform an inspection and take immediate action to correct the problem. Your health and safety is our primary concern, which is why our gas line services are available for all clients. Please contact us if you are experiencing a gas leak or are in need of a gas line replacement. Call Carter’s Plumbing or fill out the online form for an appointment.

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