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A gas leak is definitely a reason to call on a plumber in Farmington Hills, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing. Natural gas is widely used in many homes and businesses throughout the area, but it can be dangerous if it’s not contained in properly functioning pipes. Increase your odds of knowing when you may have a leak by learning more about the common causes of gas pipe leaks.

Fitting and Connection Problems

Fittings are the parts that safely transport gas to the main supply line in your home that leads to your gas-fueled appliances. Connections link fittings directly to your appliances. Even when properly installed, fittings and connections can wear out over time or become damaged enough to cause a leak.

Improper Gas Line Installation

In some cases, a leak develops later because a gas line wasn’t properly installed. While it’s rare for this to happen, it’s sometimes an issue with older gas lines or ones that were installed in awkward or hard-to-access locations. That is why you need to rely on Carter’s Plumbing when it comes to gas line installation in Farmington Hills, MI.

Poor Appliance Maintenance

It may also be time for gas line replacement in Farmington Hills, MI, if you haven’t been diligent about maintaining your gas-powered appliances. A lack of sufficient maintenance could cause heavily used appliances like dryers, water heaters, and furnaces to place added stress on gas lines and related parts. Over time, a leak could develop.

Older Gas Lines

A big part of gas line maintenance in Farmington Hills, MI, involves checking existing gas lines to make sure they are still functioning as intended. This process also involves checking for wear and other signs of damage. If older gas lines are forgotten about, however, they can be susceptible to leaks.

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