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Keep up-to-date with the trusted plumber serving Bloomfield Hills, MI, and the surrounding areas. Carter’s Plumbing offers the relevant updates you need to know about our plumbing services, our team, and the entire industry. We also offer top tips and other helpful information so be sure to visit our blog section regularly.

sump pump in a home basement-plumbing repair

Sump Pump Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

November 15, 2022

A sump pump is a device that removes excess water in your basement or crawlspace to prevent flooding and potential water damage. It gives you peace of mind that your…

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a person using a gas stove

Leading Culprits Behind Gas Leaks

November 11, 2022

Natural gas is common in many American homes and provides fuel for cooking, showering, and other tasks. While it is a safe energy source, leaks could pose fire and health…

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traditional tank-type water heaters

How Traditional Water Heaters Work

November 9, 2022

Traditional water heaters are the most popular choice among homeowners. They come with an insulated tank that stores hot water until you need it. The tank comes in different sizes,…

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replacing sewer pipe line

Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Sewer Line

November 2, 2022

Do you face sewer issues often? If so, you might be considering a sewer line replacement to ensure they won’t recur. At Carter’s Plumbing, we are here to guide you…

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cat in the bathroom sitting

Pet Owners: Tips on Keeping Drains Clean and Clear

October 24, 2022

Pets are no doubt the best companions anyone could ask for. However, issues can unexpectedly occur when you share your home with them. This is especially true for your drainage…

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