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Slow drains and frequent clogs are common problems we see here at Carter’s Plumbing. Your home’s drain pipes can work for years without a lot of problems. But, when the problems start, they can be aggravating and costly to repair. Let’s look at a few common problem areas in your pipes.

What We Use

As a plumber in Waterford Township, MI, drain pipe problems make up a significant amount of our work. That’s why we carry specialized equipment to make the process easier when diagnosing a drain problem.

One tool in our arsenal is the sewer camera. We use it quite often before doing sewer line replacement in Waterford Township, MI. It has a lens mounted on the end of a long tube. We insert that tube down into the drain and take a tour of your sewer line.

Joints and Bends

Pipe joints are one of the weakest areas in the drain line. We often get called to replace sewer line in Waterford Township, MI, due to tree roots growing through pipe joints. The roots grow and crack the pipe, causing leaks and other problems. Pipe joints can also fail due to age and corrosion.

Pipe bends are another weak point. It’s a common place for grease and oil build up to occur. These sticky spots gather debris and create clogs. We often get called for sewer pipe line repair in Waterford Township, MI, due to frequent clogs that affect the entire sewer pipe system. It’s often caused by clogs in pipe bends.

Places where the pipe width narrows is another point where problems can occur. Most sewer lines are either the same width or gradually widen as the waste flows away. However, if someone performed sewer line repair in Waterford Township, MI, but used a narrower pipe, it can cause major problems.

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