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Maintaining an effective and properly-functioning plumbing system can be difficult if your home has improperly planned or installed fixtures. Not only can they be difficult to maintain, but improperly-installed fixtures can be out of code and a challenge for later renovations or when selling the home.

Consult with the experts at Carter’s Plumbing, a plumbing company in Bloomfield Hills, MI and the surrounding areas, to make sure you don’t make these installation and maintenance mistakes:

Sink Traps Incorrectly Installed

P-traps that are installed too far below sinks can result in bad fumes. Traps assembled with nuts and washers rather than glue are also easier to maintain. S-traps are never a good idea. They’re obsolete designs without venting. Proper venting for traps is required and needs to meet with local code.

Incorrect Pipe Size

Piping that’s too small for the application will typically end up out of code. The same can be true if the piping is too big, which will require the services of a plumber in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Not Enough Cleanouts

Cleanouts are often necessary for plumbers and homeowners to unclog drains. Plumbing systems should be designed with enough cleanouts within easy reach. To ensure a properly-designed drain system, contact the trained professionals at Carter’s Plumbing for plumbing repairs in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Insufficient Clearance Around Fixtures

There are minimum requirements for adequate space around fixtures. Fixtures include both sinks and toilets and other appliances. Minimums change depending on the area and need to be investigated before making installations.

Blocked or Incorrectly-Installed Pressure Valves

Standard water heaters have a T and P valve to prevent explosions from excessive temperature and pressure. Incorrectly-installed valves or leaking valves that owners plug as a quick fix risk overpressure and explosion. To make sure your heater is safe, contact the home fixture specialists at Carter’s Plumbing for plumbing services in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

At Carter’s Plumbing, we thoroughly investigate every job consideration, whether it’s a small leak, a fixture replacement, installation or replumbing work. Our technicians are licensed and insured and have been serving Bloomfield Hills and Southeast Michigan for years. We also provide emergency plumbing in Bloomfield Hills, MI and offer an extended one-year labor warranty. Contact us today.

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