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Our Water Heater Repair in Waterford Township, MI


When you are looking for a plumber in Waterford Township, MI, or any of the surrounding areas, Carter’s Plumbing is the company you can trust with your home plumbing systems. You never know when something can go wrong with your plumbing, so it is important to know a company that can provide comprehensive services for your home. When it comes to water heaters, our professionals know how to handle older systems as well as understanding the latest in water heating technology.

Importance of Water Heaters

Most homeowners do not think much about their water heater until it stops working. There is nothing worse than realizing that the water from your hot water tap is not warming as it should. You depend on hot water for both comfort and sanitation. Your water heater is the appliance that makes a warm shower so comforting. The hot water it provides also makes your dishwasher and clothes washer more powerful. Even the simple hygienic act of washing hands is more effective when you have an ample hot water supply.

Traditional and Tankless Water Heater

Most older homes have traditional hot water heaters. In this system, a tank located in the basement or a convenient closet holds your hot water. An electric or a gas flame heats the water to the proper temperature. These hot water tanks vary in size depending on the number of people in your home and the amount of water you use. Many homeowners like them because they are low maintenance and, if the right size, supply plenty of hot water.

In more recent years, tankless hot water heaters have grown in popularity. These appliances heat water on demand rather than storing it in a tank. This design means that you are not heating water when no one is using it. Generally, this will lower your operating costs. However, this efficiency comes with a higher price tag for the unit. Tankless water heaters also take up less space than traditional hot water tanks.

Water Heater Services from Carter’s Plumbing

Our team can handle your water heater needs no matter the issue. We can evaluate your hot water needs and let you know the best options for repair and replacement.

  • Water Heater Repairs: Because we know that hot water is critical to you and your family, our experts are ready to provide water heater repair in Waterford Township, MI, and nearby areas 7 days a week. We will get your system running as it should.
  • Water Heater Installation: If you are building a new home or adding on a hot water system, we will make certain that whatever water heater you use is properly installed the first time.
  • Water Heater Replacement: If it is time for a new water heater, we can help you pick the unit that will meet your needs. In addition, we will remove any old equipment so it is no longer taking up space in your home.

Consult Our Team Today

Carter’s Plumbing serves Waterford Township, MI, and nearby areas. We can help you with your water heater issues. Whether it is a simple repair or a complete replacement, our experts will get things up and running as soon as possible. We even provide a 1-year labor warranty. If you are looking for water heater services, call Carter’s Plumbing today at (248) 830-0362 or fill out our online contact form.


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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience.