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When you need expert drain cleaning in Waterford Township, MI, and nearby areas, trust Carter’s Plumbing. Rest assured that our team knows how to clean severely clogged drains without adversely affecting your pipes. We take pride in our professional and experienced plumbers that understand how to clean drains without damaging the plumbing lines or the environment.

Identifying Common Clog Issues

Do you find yourself plunging your sinks, toilets, and showers more often than you’d like? It could be because you’re letting forbidden items go down your drains, which can result in clogs immediately below the drain or deep in your sewer line. Common items that are known to clog drains include:

  • Human and pet hair
  • Pet Waste and Cat Box Litter
  • Grease, oil, lard, and butter
  • Sending too much toilet paper down your toilet
  • Flushing paper towels, facial tissues, and wet wipes
  • Accidentally flushing small objects that fall into the toilet
  • Meat scraps, eggshells, coffee grinds, and fruit and vegetable rinds

Our Drain Cleaning Services

A reliable plumber in Waterford Township, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing is all you need for comprehensive drain cleaning services that will not harm your pipes or the environment. Our primary drain openings service is drain snaking. This service is performed using a plumbing auger, which is most commonly referred to as a snake. This device consists of a hook or claw on the end of a long, flexible metal pipe. The device is attached to a motor that turns the hook or claw.

When you have a tough clog that consists of hair, grease or foreign objects, we will thread the snake down your drain line. Once the snake reaches the clog, the motor is turned on and the hook rotates. This action breaks apart the clog and removes it. Then, our plumber runs water down the affected drain in order to remove any bits of the clog that may have been left behind. This clears your drain and restores the function of your drain pipes, and it is completely safe for metal and plastic drain pipes.

How DIY Drain Cleaning Can Damage Your Drains

When you have a drain clog that’s causing water to drain slowly or not at all, you may be tempted to clear it yourself using a chemical designed to clean drains. We do not recommend it because these chemicals are highly acidic. They may clear stubborn clogs by dissolving the material blocking your drain. Unfortunately, these drain cleaning chemicals do not know the difference between the clog and your plumbing pipes, which means if they sit in your drain lines long enough, they can eat a hole through the pipes, causing leaks and potentially contaminating the environment. Not to mention, if you have a severe clog, the drain cleaning chemicals can back up through the pipe and splash onto you, causing burns to your skin and even your eyes. Instead of trying to clear your drains yourself by using a caustic chemical, we recommend calling our professional drain cleaning company to clear your drains safely and effectively.

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Carter’s Plumbing serves Waterford Township, MI, and the surrounding areas. We provide a 1-year labor warranty on all services. To have your drains cleaned out by our reliable and experienced drain openings company, give us a call at 248-830-0362. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out the online form.

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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience.