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Quality-Focused Sewer Repair in Sylvan Lake, MI

While sewer pipes can last anywhere from 30-50 years to 100 years, you are more likely to have sewer lines that reach the higher end of life expectancy if you call on a team that is led by a licensed Plumber. As a trusted company, Carter's Plumbing is comprised of experts that can address all your sewer-related concerns. One of the reasons we're the top plumber in Sylvan Lake, MI, is because we're prepared to tackle even the toughest jobs, including ones involving sewer lines and excavation services.

Signs You Need Sewer Repair

You may be able to avoid the need to replace sewer line if you're proactive when you see red flags of a problem. One of the top causes of sewage backups is significant damage to a sewer line. Some of the telltale signs suggesting you need sewer repair and excavating to look out for include:

  • Toilets making gurgling noises
  • Uneven water levels in toilets
  • Strange smells around your home
  • Slow drains or recurring clogs
  • Indentations on concrete pavers
  • Overly green or lush outdoor spaces
  • Mold on walls

Cracks can develop in sewer pipes over time because of wear and deterioration. Regular contact with water and other materials and sediment buildup can also affect sewer lines over the years, making it necessary to look for sewer repair services in Sylvan Lake, MI.

Another common cause of sewer pipe issues is tree root invasions, which can happen as older trees expand downward and encroach on sewer lines enough to break through pipe surfaces. Sewer pipes may also be affected by grease and fats that expand in sewer lines as they cool. Items or products flushed down drains as well as worn or damaged pipe joints are also common causes of pipe damage, which may require a sewer dig.

Importance of Sewer Repair

Reducing the need for complete sewer line replacement is one of the reasons why sewer repair is important. It's also important because lingering sewer-related issues can affect everything from indoor air quality to other parts of your plumbing system. It's also possible to have foundation problems because of sewer issues not taken care of with excavation when first noticed.

With sewer pipe line repair, one of the steps we take is to perform a sewer camera inspection and identify the problem. This way, we can determine the best steps to take next. In some cases, the problem may be resolved with a professional cleaning or a few minor repairs. If more extensive repairs are needed, we'll recommend a sewer repair method or solution that's as minimally disruptive as possible.

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