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Addressing any issues with your gas line requires the expertise of a top plumber in Commerce, MI, and nearby areas. At Carter’s Plumbing, we are expertly trained to deal with all types of gas line repairs, gas line maintenance, and other issues. If you have issues with your gas line, you won’t be able to safely or properly use any appliance in the house that requires gas to function. This list includes everything from your hot water heater to your dishwasher.

Gas Line Issues

There are several different issues that can cause your gas line to become damaged, leak, or even require a gas line replacement.

  • Old Gas Lines: A leading cause of faulty gas lines is the age of the gas lines themselves. Instead of being repaired, they’ll have to be replaced. We can replace the gas lines safely and efficiently so that you can continue to enjoy gas delivery to your home.
  • Appliances Installed Incorrectly: When gas appliances are installed incorrectly, it not only causes the appliance to malfunction but it can also cause the gas lines to break down or weaken. We will locate the issue, reinstall the appliance, and make sure that the gas lines are in perfect working order.
  • Bad Smells: The overwhelming smell of gas is a huge indicator that your gas lines are damaged or leaking. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is call your plumbing company experts and your gas company so that the area’s safety can be confirmed. We will then go in and ensure that the lines are repaired and their integrity restored.
  • Blowing Dirt: Dirt blowing around your yard when there’s no wind could be an important clue that you have a gas line leak underneath your house. The leaking gas lines force the dirt upwards and into the air, causing the swirling dirt. We can locate the source of the leak and perform repairs.
  • Dead Vegetation: If the gas line underneath your house has sprung a leak, its noxious fumes and toxins have been let loose into the soil. The soil becomes compromised, and flowers and grass in the area die. We will be able to determine if your vegetation loss comes from a gas leak.
  • Hissing Sounds: If you hear strange sounds like banging noises or hisses, those sounds could be coming from leaky gas pipes. We will determine the cause and find a solution.

Our Range of Gas Line Services

We can help you with any type of gas line repair in Commerce, MI. We will respond immediately to emergency calls so that we can rule out any dangerous situations. We will get your appliances up and running as soon as possible so your schedule remains as uninterrupted as possible.

If you need a brand-new gas line installation because you’re switching over to gas, we can handle every bit of the process from beginning to end. Our team will make sure that the gas lines are properly connected to the mains. We can also check if all of your gas appliances are properly installed.

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