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When you need a plumber in Commerce, MI, to fix a clogged drain or pipe, trust a professional from Carter's Plumbing. We have a whole range of services that we can use to resolve slow drains. Our team uses diagnostic techniques for drain openings that will save you time and money without compromising your plumbing system.

Common Clog Issues

A drain cleaning company can help you with a range of problems, but you should know some of the reasons that drains can become clogged. For instance, one reason that you might get clogged drains is that there is food or other debris stuck in your kitchen plumbing. Animal fat that hardens in the pipe is a common reason that drains can become clogged. Hair can also clog bathrooms sinks and bathtub drains. You might also have a problem with some of the things that your toddler likes to try to flush down the toilet. Children are curious, so anything that they get their hands on could be something that they might try to flush.

Another place that you might have a clog is in your main sewer line. If there are tree roots growing in the line, the effect will be somewhat similar to a clog in another part of your plumbing except that you'll also smell sewer gases.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

When you're looking for drain cleaning in Commerce, MI, or nearby areas, talk to Carter's Plumbing. We have a whole range of services that can address your drain issues right away. One of the popular ways to clean out drain clogs is through drain snaking. In this process, we'll send a long, hose-like instrument into one of your drains to pull out solid objects. This is an effective process for times when your child flushed one of their toys down the toilet. Drain snakes can also pull out tree roots that have grown into the main line.

There are times that water and other objects won't move through the pipe lines because the pressure within your plumbing system is off. When you flush a toilet or run water down the sink, there needs to be a way to let the gas escape, and the vent stack is one of the parts of your plumbing system that helps regulate the pressure in the pipes and lets sewer gas escape. If a bird makes a nest in your vent stack, the air won't be able to escape, and drains will slow as a result, which can look very similar to a clogged drain.

We also provide a range of other services to alleviate many other common reasons that your drains are slow. You might not know the reason that your plumbing isn't working correctly when you call, but we'll be able to find out fairly quickly once we go to your property.

How DIY Drain Cleaning Can Damage Your Drains

There are a few reasons doing a DIY job on your drains isn't a good option and the potential to damage your drains is among them. First of all, if you probably don't know what to do exactly, so you can cause too much pressure in your pipes, which can cause one to burst. You should also be careful about the chemicals that you put down your drains. Chemical drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes just as easily as they can eat away at whatever debris is stuck in the lines. Especially if your plumbing is already fragile, corroded, or made of a material that reacts to the plumbing liquid, you can damage your pipes.

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When you're looking for a plumber in Commerce, MI, call Carter's Plumbing at (248) 830-0362. We offer the most thorough drain openings services that you need in the local area. We provide a 1-year labor warranty on all services for optimal client satisfaction. You may also schedule your appointment by filling out our online form.

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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience.