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When you are having issues with your water heater, drains, or sewer line at home, you want the services of a plumber in Commerce, MI, that you can trust. Carter’s Plumbing is the team that has been providing quality plumbing solutions for years. Our plumbers are licensed and bonded so that we can care for your property the same way we do with our own. We know you want honesty, hard work, and a job done well. We are the ones you can trust to get the job done right the first time when you are in need of plumbers. We are true to our word, and we will get the job done quickly, even when it is an emergency plumbing service.

Our Services

We have a wide range of plumbing services so we can help you with virtually any issue you may have. Whether it is a small leak or a huge problem, you can call our plumbing company to get the plumbing repairs completed right. We are the ones to depend on for emergency plumbing services, so make us your choice when searching for “plumbing service near me” that is available 7 days a week.

Plumbing - When you have a problem with water pressure in your home, or your sump pump has stopped doing its job, we are the ones that can fix it properly. There is no temporary fix with us. We have been in business for years, we know you want it right from a plumber Commerce, MI, locals can rely on. Our technicians can repair a small leak, or work on your new home for you.

Water Heater Repair - When it is time for a new tankless water heater or you just want a water heater replacement done on your outdated unit, we will be there for you. From leaky heater or a complete water heater installation or water heater repair in Commerce, MI, we are the team that you can trust, especially when you look for “plumbers in my area.”

Drain Cleaning - You want to call someone you can trust to get rid of the gunk of a clogged drain. We are a drain cleaning company that has worked on drain openings for years. No matter the reason, all drains tend to get clogged, our emergency plumber will get to the bottom of it quickly. Our technicians can perform drain snaking and other kinds of drain cleaning in Commerce, MI.

Sewer Repair - When it comes to the dirty job of sewer repair services in Commerce, MI, such as sewer pipe line repair, we are the professionals that will put an end to your sewage problem. Not only that, but we can inspect the sewer pipeline and detect any sewer line repairs and replace sewer lines before issues happen. We stay ahead of the concern and do a sewer line replacement if needed.

Sump Pumps - When and if your sump pump stops pumping, call Carter’s Plumbing right away. With years of experience, our plumbers will get the pump back into your sump pump. We perform sump pump maintenance and complete sump pump replacement. As one of the leading local sump pump companies, we can do a sump pump installation or simple sump pump repair in Commerce, MI, and the surrounding areas.

Gas Line Repair - If you smell an odd odor, there could be a problem with your gas line. We are licensed and insured, we do the emergency gas line repair in Commerce, MI necessary to protect our customers. We will find the leak, repair or gas line replacement, or even perform a new gas line installation. We will keep up on gas line maintenance to take the worry away.

Carter’s Plumbing Is The Trusted Team In Commerce, MI

We believe in truth and honesty. We treat our customers like family. We do our work the right way so you can continue to trust us even for emergency plumbing needs. From water heater repair to gas line services, our experts are well-versed in all kinds of plumbing services. We show our customers the respect that they deserve, and we show their home respect and get the job done promptly. We provide a 1-year labor warranty on all services. Call Carter’s Plumbing at (248) 830-0362 when you have any type of plumbing issue, We get the job done right and treat you like family.

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Contact our team if you need plumbing services or drain cleaning services. We also specialize in gas line services and replace sewer lines. Call us at (248) 830-0362 or fill out the online contact form to schedule your appointment with Carter’s Plumbing.


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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience.