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There are few things worse than coming home to find a flooded toilet or backed up sink that's been caused by a clog. A clogged drain can either be fixed by simple snaking or by intensive, intrusive repairs. The key is to consult a plumber in Clarkston, MI, and nearby areas from Carter’s Plumbing if you will need emergency plumbing repair or a quick drain openings session.

Common Clog Issues

There are several different types of clogs that can cause serious issues. Your drains can become clogged if tree roots have grown into your pipes. This happens when cracks in damaged pipes become large enough for roots to make their way in. Once they're inside, you're dealing with major clogs and pipe damage that can ruin your home's foundation.

Toilets can become extremely clogged when items make their way down into the pipes. Items like too-thick paper towels, sanitary napkins, and large amounts of toilet paper can cause a toilet to back up, preventing it from flushing or causing it to overflow. Early generation low-flow toilets can cause clogs because they don't provide enough water power to flush away waste, causing anything flushed inside to back up. Many people who had low-pressure, low-flow toilets have replaced them with stronger models.

In addition, food that gets stuck inside of pipes can cause major clogs and backups. This can happen whether you're washing plates with bits of food in the kitchen sink, shoving lots of food waste down the food disposal, or if putting unscraped plates into the dishwater.

Sagging sewer pipes can also cause clogs. Pipes naturally collapse over time. A section of the pipe gets pushed down into the ground, and waste accumulates at this spot. You'll need a professional to locate the damage, fix it, and repair or replace the pipe. Pouring grease down the drain after cooking is one of the biggest reasons that kitchen sinks get clogged, and following up with boiling water isn't going to fix the issue. Eventually, the water will cool, allowing the remnants of grease to get stuck and clog the pipes.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

When it comes to drain cleaning in Clarkston, MI, Carter’s Plumbing ensures thorough solutions. Our drain cleaning services can cover everything from cleaning that requires a simple drain snaking to a full-on excavation. We provide regular drain openings services that prevent issues from even starting, and we can resolve any type of drain clog issue that you already have.

How DIY Drain Cleaning Can Damage Your Drains

You may be tempted to handle drain cleaning yourself, but this can cause several issues. If you use store-bought drain cleaners, you could end up damaging your pipes even further since those cleaners are extremely caustic. There are several clogs that require professional equipment that only a professional plumber can handle. If you use the wrong tools or make a mistake regarding what type of clog you have, you can end up with damaged drains and pipes.

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Contact Carter's Plumbing at 248-830-0362 if you're looking for a drain cleaning company that can provide you with regular drain openings in Clarkston, MI, and nearby areas. We provide a 1-year labor warranty on all services for your satisfaction, as well. We look forward to helping you have clog-free drains once more.

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