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One of the most important ways to keep your home plumbing system running smoothly is by scheduling regular drain openings. Your plumbing system has to keep running smoothly in order to make sure that your sinks and drains don't get clogged so that your family can always count on on-demand water. Once your plumbing system gets clogged, you may be looking at expensive and extensive repairs in order to get everything running smoothly again depending on the issue. The best thing to do is to avoid clogs in the first place with the help of a trusted plumber in Bloomfield Hills, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing.

Identifying Common Clog Issues

There are several reasons that home drains tend to become clogged. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Shed hair that's lost through washing and combing the hair over the sink or in the bathtub usually ends up getting stuck in the drain. Once stuck in the drain, it frequently gets coated by substances like soap scum, grease, and conditioners. This causes the hair to build up inside of the pipes, causing clogs.
  • Tree roots can sometimes grow up into your home's pipes if they're able to slip through holes or cracks found in the pipes. When they start growing inside the pipes, you're left with dangerously clogged drains.
  • Food that has been washed down the sink instead of being properly disposed of can cause a serious backup. A garbage disposal can also become jammed and backed up when too much food gets caught inside, causing the same clogging issue. Make sure that all food is thrown into compost bins or garbage cans so that you can avoid clogs and jams.
  • Toilets that have been stuffed with items like sanitary napkins and paper towels can easily become clogged since the items stuffed inside the bowl were too large to go down the pipes.

We Provide Drain Cleaning Services

Carter’s Plumbing can help make sure that your drains remain clean and clog-free. When you have regular drain openings, your pipes will function as they should. We have the tools to address any type of plumbing issue, helping prevent drain issues before they become serious issues. We can detect small issues and immediately deal with them so that small problems don't become bigger issues. These can range from simple, clogged drains that can be cleared away with drain snaking to massive backups that will require a major excavation. When it comes to drain cleaning in Bloomfield Hills, MI, we are the team that you can rely on for a thorough job. We also offer an extended 1-year labor warranty on these services.

How DIY Drain Cleaning Can Damage Your Drains

One thing you should never do is try to clear the clogged drain yourself. You may think that it's a simple process, and you'd be better off doing it yourself in order to save a few bucks. The problem is that drain cleaning isn't simply cleaning. The drain openings process is very involved and usually involves video inspections of your pipes before cleaning even begins. By going through this process, the plumber knows exactly what is causing any blockages and will know exactly how to treat them when it comes to clearing the drain. The tools used to clean the drain are specialized to blast through clogs. These are tools that a drain cleaning company knows how to handle properly.

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