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A top plumber in Birmingham, MI, and the surrounding areas from Carter's Plumbing is available 7 days a week should you be in need of urgent repair or other solutions for your sump pump. We're also available to perform new sump pump installations and routine sump pump maintenance. Sump pumps serve a very important purpose. Primarily, their main job is to prevent basement flooding.

As one of the leading sump pump companies serving the local area, we take pride in offering a wide range of first-rate sump pump services, from urgent repair to sump pump replacement and installation.

Functions and Benefits of Sump Pumps

Essentially, a sump pump is a device that's designed to keep the lower part of your home dry by moving water out of your basement. The pump itself sits in a carved out hole. This hole is called a basin, and it's usually located just below the surface of your basement floor. The pump has special valves that keep track of water levels.

If water levels become too high, the pump kicks in and removes the excess water through a discharge line. This connects the pump to your preferred designated drainage area, which could be a dry well, a pond or creek, or a neighborhood drain. Benefits associated with sump pumps include:

  • Prevent flooding
  • Protect against sewer backups
  • Keep basement humidity levels low
  • Reduce the risk of issues with mold and mildew
  • Improve indoor air quality

Signs of Sump Pump Problems

When is it time to call Carter's Plumbing for sump pump repair in Birmingham, MI, or nearby areas? Ideally, it's best to be proactive about sump pump maintenance whenever possible and call on our experienced team to perform routine assessment of your pump and its related parts. However, we're also at your service if you notice any of the following signs suggesting you have a sump pump problem:

  • High volumes of water in your basement that aren't going away
  • Strange noises coming from your pump when it kicks in
  • Excessive vibrations when the pump is operating
  • A pump that runs all the time or irregular cycling
  • Visible rust around various components
  • A motor that sometimes gets stuck
  • Motor failure or frequent power outages

Our Sump Pump Services

Carter's Plumbing is pleased to be a trusted source for sump pump repair. Our trained technicians will assess the condition of your pump and identify the reasons why it's not working as intended. In some instances, this means replacing defective or worn parts or installing a new line. Other times, it makes more sense to have sump pump replacement, especially if your pump is older.

With a new sump pump installation, you'll also have the opportunity to determine if you may benefit from a different type of sump pump. We can also recommend additional features like a battery-powered backup, which provides added protection should your power go out. We also provide a 1-year labor warranty on all services for optimal client satisfaction.

Reach Out to Carter's Plumbing

End your search for trusted local sump pump companies with Carter's Plumbing. We're the plumbing company you can count on for prompt, reliable sump pump maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair in Birmingham, MI, as well as nearby areas. Contact us today to request urgent sump pump repair or to schedule an appointment to discuss your sump pump replacement or new installation options.


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