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When a home or property owner experiences an obstruction, damage, or leak, at their sewer line, sewer pipe line repair in Farmington Hills, MI will be necessary. Video inspection equipment can be used to access and capture real-time footage of the problem. The scope rod is flexible enough to maneuver around the corners and tight curves of a sewer line to reach a problem area.

How Does The Inspection Camera Work?

Planning sewer line repair in Farmington Hills, MI involves a flexible fiber-optic scope that is fitted with a high-resolution camera that videos the inside of the pipe. It is waterproof and durable enough to be used for even the toughest conditions. The LED at the end of the rod lights the way for the camera to record clearly.

What Can Be Seen During The Inspection?

Above the ground, our technicians at Carter’s Plumbing have a live view of the video feed via a monitor. As the camera makes its way along the length of the pipe, our plumbers can inspect the inside of the pipe and conduits to see exactly what is causing the issue. Sewer repair services in Farmington Hills, MI can even assess the potential of future sewer line issues.

How Do Plumbers Know Where To Dig?

A transmitter is also affixed to the video inspection rod. It allows technicians to locate the point of a blockage or breach and mark it above the ground. Once that point is identified, our skilled plumber in Farmington Hills, MI can give you professional advice on how to address the issue.

Can You See The Video Footage?

The collected video footage is saved as a file and can be provided to you as a record of the necessary repair. This is very helpful if you need to replace sewer line in Farmington Hills, MI.

If you need sewer line replacement in Farmington Hills, MI we are here to help. Call Carter’s Plumbing or fill out the online form to get the quality sewer repair service you deserve.

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