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It is important that you maintain your water heater. That’s because a water heater is responsible for all the hot water in your home. With water heater services in Commerce, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing, you can make sure that your water heater stays in top condition. Here are some simple ways you can perform regular maintenance of your water heater system.

Adjust your thermostat

One of the best ways to maintain your water heater is to make sure that the system is as efficient as possible. You can do that by simply setting your thermostat to 120 degrees. In fact, you can save 5% for every 10 degrees that you lower your thermostat. A plumber in Commerce, MI can help explain how setting your thermostat down can save you money each month.

Maintain proper clearance around the system

You should try to maintain a two-foot clearance around the water heated system. You do not want to risk any obstruction to the system. Clearing your system will prevent the frequent need for water heater repair in Commerce, MI.

Drain a quarter of the tank

Sediment and debris will build up in your tank. You can clear that debris by draining a quarter of your tank a couple of times a year. Draining a quarter of the water on your tankless water heater in Commerce, MI will extend the life of your system.

Test the temperature-pressure relief valve each year

You will want to check for small leaks in the valve. You can do this by quickly discharging a couple of times. Checking the valve will prevent early water heater replacement in Commerce, MI.

Insulate older units

Use a fiberglass jacket to improve efficiency. This will help make the system work more effectively. This will prevent having to deal with needing another water heater installation in Commerce, MI, prematurely.

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