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For homeowners, one of the most frustrating problems can be drain clogs. As a home’s plumbing is essential to everyone, keeping everything flowing is critical and is the number one priority of Carter’s Plumbing. When dealing with clogged drains, we can help.

Drain systems in most homes are sturdy, and piping is often made of highly durable materials. However, drain pipes do have an inflexible diameter. When things build up or do not properly flow into the output line, clogs occur, which is the number one reason homeowners require drain cleaning services in Commerce, MI.

Proper maintenance of a home drain system is essential to ensure the water and drain lines flow properly out of the house. Homeowners can do things to help protect their drain lines against clogs and prevent the need for emergency drain cleaning in Commerce, MI services.

Kitchen Drains

Homeowners should always be careful to ensure they do not put grease in their kitchen drain. Deposits of grease build-up can cause food particles to get trapped, causing clogs that may require the services of a plumber in Commerce, MI to remove. Greasy dishes should be cleaned using hot water and grease-fighting liquid soap to break it down.

Another problem that often arises in the kitchen sink is caused by chunks of food getting trapped in a drain causing the need for drain snaking in Commerce, MI services. Homeowners that do not have garbage disposal should be especially careful to use a food particle drain catcher to protect against this.

Bathroom Plumbing

In the bathroom sink and bathtub drains, homeowners most often contact a local cleaning company in Commerce, MI for services to fix hair build-up issues in their drain. When hair combines with soaps and shampoo residues, clogs often occur. Using a hair catcher in the drain can alleviate much of this.

When it comes to toilet clogs, this type of home clogged drain in Commerce, MI homes often occurs from sanitary napkins, paper towels, and other items mistakenly placed into a toilet. Homeowners should be careful to ensure these items do not end up in the toilet as they often require professional drain snaking to remedy.

If you are looking for a professional drain cleaning company in Commerce, MI to help with any clogged drains in your home, Carter’s Plumbing is here to help. We can assist you to get your drain systems up and running again with our special drain clog cleaning system. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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