Sump Pump Red Flags

Sump Pump Red Flags

Get the facts on sump pump problems from a trusted plumber in Waterford Township, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing. Sumps are regular features in homes and businesses in areas with high water tables and are also used to alleviate basement flooding in properties with poor drainage. The most common type of sump problem happens when the pump fails to activate before the water in the sump overflows into the surrounding area. This can occur if the pump freezes up in cold weather or if one of the critical pump components wears out without warning. 

A damaged float is also sometimes at fault. In the event of any of these issues, sump pump repair or sump pump replacement in Waterford Township, MI, is definitely in order.

Avoid Problems with Regular Sump Pump Maintenance 

The first step to eliminating problems with a residential or commercial sump pump is hiring a skilled professional with experience in providing sump pump installation in Waterford Township, MI. Training and hands-on expertise are required to properly design and locate the sump in the area where it will be most effective. The pump must also be sized correctly to handle the maximum expected flow and insulated against freezing weather conditions. In addition, a sump pump needs periodic inspection, cleaning and servicing by a knowledgeable plumber to head off problems before they have a chance to begin.

Make Us Your Choice Among Sump Pump Companies in Waterford Township, MI

Sump pump troubles don’t have to disrupt your household or business operations. Simply contact the team at Carter’s Plumbing for sump pump maintenance or sump pump repair in Waterford Township, MI. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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