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Sump Pump Issues You Can Avoid

Sump pumps are critical fixtures that protect homes from flooding. They’re designed to remove water from the lowest level of your home. It’s important to maintain your sump pump so that it’s ready when you need it, and our team at Carter’s Plumbing is always here to help. Here are some sump pump issues you can avoid, but if you do have an issue, we offer sump pump repair in Waterford Township, MI.

Sediment Buildup

Sediment from the groundwater can build up in the sump basin. Once every two to four months, scoop out the sediment. It’s best to do this when the sump is mostly dry. You can do it with a wet/dry vac. We offer this as part of our routine sump pump maintenance.

Broken Check Valve

A check valve problem could impact the functioning of your sump pump. Check the valve once a month. If there’s an issue, call our sump pump company for prompt repairs.

Overheated Motor

If your sump pump is constantly running, it may have too small of a capacity. This will lead to an overheated motor, and you’ll soon need a sump pump replacement. We can help you select the right horsepower of sump pump for your home.

Blocked Outlet

The sump water gets pumped to through a PVC pipe that runs under the soil. It may empty to the street or to a low area of your yard. A blocked outlet might result in a blown motor and require a new sump pump installation.

A plumber in Waterford Township, MI, and other areas we serve from Carter’s Plumbing is ready to help you avoid sump pump problems. We also install and maintain these essential plumbing fixtures. To learn more, call us today or fill out the form on this website and schedule an appointment.

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