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As a homeowner, you are responsible for knowing when to hire a plumbing company for maintenance and repairs. Before you call a plumber in Bloomfield Hills MI, it can benefit you to be familiar with some of the most common plumbing jargon. These terms are some that every homeowner should know when they need to call Carter’s Plumbing for home plumbing repairs today.

The P-Trap

A p-trap is a term that is used to define the shape of the drain of your sink in your kitchen or bathroom. This shape is necessary for trapping a small amount of water in the bottom of the drain. The trapped water prevents sewer odors from making their way inside of your home.

When your sinks are backed up or you smell odors in these rooms of your house, you can call for our emergency plumbing services and tell us that you suspect that you need the p-trap serviced. We then know what kind of issues that your home is experiencing and what kinds of repairs that your sinks may need.


An auger is a device that plumbers use to clean out clogs in the drains and plumbing lines. It is long and sturdy so that it can be pushed deep into the lines under your home. It can also have devices like brushes or sprayers on it to get rid of clogs that comprise of tree roots or grease.

These are just two terms that homeowners can benefit by knowing when it comes to taking the best care of their homes’ plumbing. You can understand better what needs to be done to repair or maintain your plumbing fixtures. We can also communicate fully to you what tasks are necessary to keep your plumbing working in your home. Call Carter’s Plumbing today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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