Our Sewer Repair Methods

When you need sewer line repair in Commerce, MI, your plumber has several options.Let’s look at the sewer repair methods we use here at Carter’s Plumbing.

The Method We Use Depends on the Problem

As a master plumber in Commerce, MI, the first step we take in any sewer line repair is to determine exactly what’s going on. We often deploy our sewer camera to get an inside look at the pipe. This inspection shows us where the problem is and the best method for fixing it. When possible, we avoid the need to replace sewer line in Commerce, MI. Being able to clear a clog and make minor repairs is the faster, more cost-effective solution.

Repairs Methods

The most common call we get for sewer repair services in Commerce, MI is due to clogs in the line. One method we use for this is hydro jetting. This uses high-pressure water to cut through clogs of all types. It can cut through tree roots and grease balls of any size. The jets of water cut through the clog and wash the debris down the drain. What’s left is a clean pipe ready for years of clog-free service.

Sometimes, we find that something has damaged a small section of drain line. If the rest of the pipe is solid and in good condition, the best solution is to make repairs only at the point of damage. It’s less invasive than a full sewer line replacement in Commerce, MI.

A collapsed sewer line will need to be replaced as soon as possible. This usually means a full line replacement from the house to the municipal sewer line. We offer a few options for how to get the job done quickly and at an affordable price.

When you need reliable sewer pipe line repair in Commerce, MI, look no further than Carter’s Plumbing. We stand behind our work 100%. Contact us today.

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