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Gas Line Maintenance Checklis

A plumber in Birmingham, MI, from Carter’s Plumbing can do more than fix dripping faucets and unclog toilets. Another reason to give us a call is because of a suspected gas line issue. One way to reduce your odds of experiencing gas line problems is to be diligent about gas line maintenance. 

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid needing frequent gas line services:

Check Your Meter

A fairly simple way to tell if you need gas line repair is to check your meter on a regular basis. If you notice it’s running more often or if your bills are unusually high, it may be due to a leak you’re not yet aware of.

Check Your Valves

A valve issue doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need gas line replacement. Still, a common source of a leak is around a valve that’s worn or damaged. Valve issues could also interrupt the gas flow and cause a few problems with your gas-fueled appliances. These can also cause gas to leak directly into your home, so it’s important to have suspected problems of this nature taken care of ASAP.

Check for Gas Flow Issues

If you keep gas line maintenance on the back burner, you may have gas flow issues due to a blockage. This can happen if debris gets into gas line access points and interrupts or blocks the flow of gas. Signs of a blockage to look for include:

  • Pilot lights frequently going out
  • Issues with how gas burners heat and work
  • Clothes that take longer to dry in a gas dryer

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