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At Carter’s Plumbing, we understand the importance of sump pump maintenance in Clarkston MI. This system is an integral part of your home in ensuring that there is no flooding. That is why we recommend regular maintenance performed on it.

Ensure Reliability

If there is ever an issue with your sump pump, such as an inability to keep up with the flow of water, reach out to our team for sump pump repair in Clarkston MI. You can aid in ensuring that your sump pump pulling the amount of water it is rated for by cleaning the screen on the intake portion of the pump. This ensures a clear path for water to freely be pulled into the pump and removed the pit.

Sump pump companies in Clarkston MI also suggest a visual inspection of your sump pump, surrounding areas, and adding a bucket of water to the sump pump pit to ensure that it is working properly. Taking the time to visually inspect these things, including that it is plugged in, will give you the confidence needed to make it through the next rainstorm.

Next Steps 

If a visual inspection of the sump pump and surrounding areas is completed, along with a visual inspection of the discharge pipe and your sump pump is still not acting correctly, it is perhaps time to find a sump pump replacement in Clarkston MI. A new, replacement sump pump can help ensure that you have a working sump pump the next time it rains.

To help aid in ensuring the long life of a sump pump, it may also require you to find sump pump installation in Clarkston MI. Ensuring the sump pump is installed correctly will help make your maintenance schedule easier to follow and provide a clean slate for your sump pump.

Make sure to look for a plumber in Clarkston MI. Carter’s Plumbing offers sump pump repair, maintenance, and replacements. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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