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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience. Lee S
Matt and his partner showed up on short notice....took care of the work I had for them, And the price was very reasonable. Great experience. I will not hesitate to use these guys again. Shane P
I contacted Carter's Plumbing with an emergency leak in my grandparents home. I was thoroughly impressed when they promptly arrived on time considering I'd only called that morning. The technician came in, diagnosed the problem and had the "emergency" fixed within an hour of arrival time. The service vehicle was stocked with the proper material to fix the leak so the technician did not even have to leave the job in order to resolve the issue. Again, impressed! The compassion that was shown towards my grandparents was even more impressive. I will highly recommend Carter's Plumbing and I will, without a doubt, be using them again! Krystal H
I called Carter's Plumbing after a friend recommended them to me. They arrived in a very timely manner, were extremely professional, and the price could not be beat. I will be using them for any future repairs. Thanks for the quality work! Kim G
I was provided a next day appointment. The plumber was very polite. He worked quickly but everything looks great and works well now. Price was much better than previous quotes we had. Brian D
The pilot light on our water heater stopped working around 5:00 PM. I googled around to a few places, called some, most said they were too busy to come out that night, which I completely understood. A couple of them said they were not sure they could make it out the next day because of the snow storm. I started to think we would just have to wait a couple of days. Then I called Carter's Plumbing. So glad I did.

"I was told that he would try to come out that night, but if he couldn't, he would be here first thing in the morning. I told him not to worry about that night."

"When I woke up the weather was terrible, snow, cold, etc. I went to work. When I got home my sister told me Matt Carter called early, showed up exactly when he said he would. It took him less than 1/2 hour to fix it (in between our pets bugging him!!!...they were trying to help!). He and his partner were respectful, polite, clean, neat. They explained everything. The bill was less than others had told me it would be.  We will be using Carters's Plumbing anytime we need work done."

Awesome job, gentlemen. Thank You!!!!!!!
Nina S
I made one phone call after hours and they showed up quick! They were very professional, they were on time, they fixed my water tank with NO hidden after the fact fees. They were friendly and clean and did a great job I am not one to leave a lot of reviews on the web but I am compelled to leave a positive review for these guys. I would highly recommend Carter's Plumbing! BC
Arrived as scheduled.... focused & friendly. Unclogged our kitchen drain and also installed new sump pump. Will call Matt again for upcoming options we reviewed. Appreciate his services....he's one of the good guys. Christine K
As if the weather hasn’t been enough to deal with, my pipe decided to freeze and break when it warmed up yesterday. I called Carter’s Plumbing as water poured into my back room. They came to my home in 30 minutes and to my surprise didn’t charge me as an emergency call but as a pipe repair. Even my boyfriend was surprised at the reasonable charge. While they where here I had them give me a price for a humidifier for my furnace, which was also affordable. I always love when i find a company i can trust with repairs in my home. It's scary to need something fixed and not know how much it will cost and a broken pipe was something I thought would really cost me.  I had to tell my yelp peps about this company. They have great customer service, affordable prices and fast service. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a plumber. Rubi F.
Like many other people, I have AHS and so I “had” to use Carter Plumbing when my toilet began to leak. Carlos, the plumber, showed up within the time frame on a Saturday and quickly fixed the problem. He was very professional and, as an added bonus, had a pleasant personality. When he had to remove the toilet to fix the flange beneath it he asked if I had any cleaning supplies that he could use to go ahead and disinfect the area for me. He spent 20+ minutes cleaning all the ick that had gathered over the years. I doubt that was in his job description. I was very impressed. Hikaru A.
When I was told that Carter Plumbing was going to be the company that Fidelity National would send to come out to help with an issue we were having with a leak. Andy showed up in the time frame, was so pleasant and professional and explained everything to us. We were so worried that this would end up costing us so much more. It turned out to be a bad overflow gasket that he replaced in a matter of minutes. He also fixed the handle of the bathtub that had nothing to do with the problem. This was as good as it gets for us. We called Fidelity National and asked them to keep Andy and Carter Plumbing on our notes so that we may request them again should we ever need a plumber. Stacy G
I’ve lived in my current house for 17 years and it seems that every two years I have to call a rooter service to come clean out my drains. I have 4 daughters who all have long hair, so its inevitable that the drains are going to get clogged up with hair. In the past, I would usually call a rooter service from the phone book (Rescue Rooter, Regal Rooter, etc..) and they would come out and charge me $200-250 for a 30 minute service. I was always tempted to go out and buy my own drain auger and do it myself. Well this morning my wife called me at work and said that the kitchen sink and bathroom shower were clogged up. I decided to check Yelp to see if I could find a plumber or rooter service that had positive reviews. After finding Carter’s Plumbing Service, I decided to give him a call and leave him a message. He promptly called me back and said he could come by after I got off of work. He arrived on time and quoted me $85 to snake out my drain from the clean-out opening outside my kitchen. It took him about 20-25 minutes and the job was done. I mentioned that I would write him a positive review and he dropped the price to $75!  Carter was prompt, efficient, polite and honest. If anyone needs to have a rooter service come clean out a drain, I highly recommend you give a call. Alan K
Tom B.* Via Five star rating!
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I would highly recommend this company. I've used them twice now, once for clogged pipes and another time for a water heater replacement. On Both appointments Matt and one of his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. Overall exceptional experience.
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