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At Carter’s Plumbing, we do things a little different than everyone else. Call us old fashioned, but we think that honesty and integrity are at the core of service, so you’ll always get a respectful, experienced, professional technician from our Carter’s Plumbing staff.

To show you we are serious about our commitment to top-notch service, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

  • We are the Top Choice for Water Heater Repair
  • From Repairs to Installations, We Will Handle It
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Carter’s Plumbing Services

  • Sewer Inspection and Drain cleaning
  • Water heater installation and repairs
  • Water softener installation and repairs
  • Repairs
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Locally Owned
  • Installs
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Licensed/Bonded
  • Well pump installation
  • Sump pump and back up sump pump installation and repair


We are a full service plumbing company that has serviced the tri-county metro Detroit area for 17+ years. We specialize in water heater installation & repair, sewer & drain cleaning, water softener installation & repair, sump pumps, well pumps, any & all water & gas leaks that are hard to find. We can come in, pin point the location of the problem and repair it properly. Carter’s Plumbing never starts a job without thoroughly going over every aspect of the job with the customer including price, scope of work, and material & labor. There is no plumbing job we can’t handle. From small leaks to new construction to re-plumbs, we do it all! We offer a free home inspection after every job is complete to ensure customer satisfaction. Carter’s plumbing technicians are highly skilled and a wealth of knowledge. They are master plumbers licensed with the state of Michigan. Tell them about any plumbing concerns you may have and they’ll let you know about tips or solutions that can help. At Carter’s Plumbing we strive keep your plumbing in good working order to help prevent unwelcome surprises. If you live in Oakland County, Michigan and have a question about your system, just ask and we’ll be happy to help. It’s free, whether or not you’re a customer. We invite you to get to know us.



Monday-Sunday : OPEN 24 hours
24 hour emergency plumbing service available
“Always speak to a person or receive a return phone call in maximum 30 minutes”

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